The hyper team is pleased to announce new enhancements to our service cloud platform for startups. hyper cloud consists of secure, scalable backend services that allow your team to focus on what matters: features for your customers.


  • 🔎 Search Service has launched! - Spin up a high-performance search service in one click! Our search service manages the complexity of running your own search engine or having to deal with separate services, the search engine sits right next to your data and cache for a highly composable integration.
  • 🔑 Enhanced App Key Management. Create new app keys, as well as, disable, delete, and enable.
  • 🎓 New NodeJS Workshops and Quickstarts
  • 📈 Current release and version information within the dashboard footer.

For more details, head on over to What's New. Don't forget to Sign up for a free hyper cloud account.

Coming Soon! 🚀

  • Teams and Paid Subscriptions. Manage hyper cloud users within a team for your paid subscription. Stripe integration to securely manage your payment details.

Keeping developers happy,

The hyper team